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Uncategorized July 17, 2017

Over a billion people in the world live in extreme poverty with no security of their basic needs. Over 75% of these people live in rural areas as small producers, dependent on agriculture for their subsistence. The production, trade and processing of local crops is the foundation and the driver for their own economies and the economies at the local level and beyond.

Climate change and the growing need for land, water and other natural resources are threatening agricultural production and food security. OLIVES is working to make agricultural production more sustainable, and to increase the income and improve the position of small producers in agricultural change. As part of this we are making farmers more resistant to the consequences of climate change. In the chains, OLIVES is supporting farmer organizations in improving agricultural production and in making their working methods both more professional and more sustainable. OLIVES is also supporting chain platforms in which all chain actors participate.

Access to financial services
OLIVES works to ensure the poor access to sustainable financial products and services on a fair footing through local micro financing institutions (MFIs). OLIVES sees micro financing as a strategy to improve the socio-economic position of poor, vulnerable and/or excluded groups in society by increasing their access to adequate and affordable financial and other related services. This will contribute to their ability to support themselves and increase their participation in society and their empowerment.