Business Development Services and Private Sector Development

July 17, 2017

OLIVES is deeply committed to supporting sustainable economic development. We recognize that a competitive and vibrant private sector remains the primary driver of poverty reduction, wealth creation, employment and access to important goods and services for many of the world’s poor. We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, governments and non-government organizations to improve private sector competitiveness, enhance market and business performance, and create the conditions for pro-poor and sustainable growth.  We provide services to improve economic governance, develop sector strategies, strengthen the business enabling environment and promote trade.

We understand the unique challenges that investors and businesses, both small and large, face in emerging markets and provide assistance to identify appropriate business models and supply-chain arrangements, develop market infrastructure and improve access to finance and business development services.

We support poorer households and communities to benefit from local, regional and international economic opportunity by understanding how markets affect them as entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers and employees.   We apply the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach which identifies the underlying causes, instead of symptoms, of why markets do not work for the poor and provide support for businesses to unlock the potential for growth that benefits the poor.